You can create any number of profiles to be assigned to any number of hosts, although only one profile can be assigned to the DEFAULT host at any given time. You may, however, assign a profile to the DEFAULT host, install a system, then assign another profile to the DEFAULT host, and install another system.

Each profile can control all of the installation choices provided by the Anaconda installer, including disk partitioning, package selection, and X configuration. There is comprehensive pop-up help to explain the various settings.

Note that it is possible to create Kickstart profiles that contain internal errors and cause the installation to fail or require manual intervention. If this happens, consider using the "Interactive" option on the Advanced tab to debug your Kickstart profile.

Whenever you install an Anaconda-based Linux distribution, it creates the Kickstart file /root/anaconda-ks.cfg. You may edit this file and then import it into a profile on the web interface. Importing a Kickstart file will wipe out all profile information except for the Linux Distribution associated with it. You may alter the Kickstart data online after importing, and you may see the Kickstart file output at any time from the web interface.

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