Automating UNIX and Linux Administration

My book, titled Automating UNIX and Linux Administration was published in September 2003. The publisher is Apress and the ISBN is 1590592123.


Automating UNIX and Linux Administration will focus on automating the tedious daily tasks of system administration. It will provide real-world examples and explore the existing tools that will help with this task. Although the book will provide brief overviews of tools and technologies that are covered, the author will assume the reader knows how to edit a configuration file or mount a file system. The book will focus on putting these tools to use in the real world, such as how to use a set of Perl scripts to manage your user accounts across 1000 machines. It will not show you how to write a basic 'Hello World' program in Perl nor contain a Perl function reference or summary.

The techniques, methods and tools covered in this book will help on a single system, but will be much more useful across multiple systems. Whether you are managing 2 or 5,000 systems, whether they are desktops, servers, or a Beowulf cluster, you will benefit from this type of automation. Although some of the book will be Linux-specific, most of it will apply to any UNIX system. The book will also focus on automating tasks across multiple variants of UNIX.

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About the Author

Kirk Bauer has been using computers and programming since 1985. He has been using and administering UNIX systems since 1994. Although his personal favorite UNIX variant is Linux, he has administered everything from FreeBSD to Solaris, AIX, and IRIX.

Kirk has been involved with software development and system/network administration since his first year at Georgia Tech. He has done work for the Georgia Tech Residential Network, the Georgia Tech Research Institute, and the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Kirk was one of the founders and the CTO of TogetherWeb in 2000, which was purchased in 2003 by Proficient Systems. Kirk is currently a systems engineer with F5 Networks.

Kirk's latest development is a fully web-based Kickstart management system that is used to deploy Linux on servers quickly and consistently. Saving time through automation has always been his passion, as evidenced by his collection of open-source software -- the most popular being AutoRPM and Logwatch. A few years after graduating from Georgia Tech in 2001 with a bachelor's of science in Computer Engineering, Kirk moved to Peoria, AZ where he lives with his fiance Rachel and his two dogs.


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