Bomb Alley Enhanced Airbase Cards, Player Log Sheet, and NEW Player Reference Card and Save Game sheets

I am charging $16 for a set of all of these items and that will include shipping to anywhere in the United States and Canada. They will be shipped USPS first-class in a well-protected stiff envelope to help avoid any shipping damage. Here are the items:

Even if you are already very familiar with previous games in the Second World War at Sea series, the Bomb Alley rule summary on the Player Reference page will be very handy, as well as the Minefield and MTB reference on the Player Log Appendix page.

These sets are completely unofficial and I am in no way affiliated with Avalanche Press (except that I like their games). Note that these are completely useless without the actual Bomb Alley game from Avalanche Press!

In summary, you will receive:

If you want to save some money, consider ordering both the Bomb Alley and SOPAC sets together. I am offering both sets for $22 including shipping and handling (you save $8).

Please Contact me if you want me to ship internationally.