Bomb Alley Rule Questions

This is my personal collection of rule questions about the extra rules in the Bomb Alley scenario book. Once I find a good contact at Avalanche Press, I will forward these questions along to them. For problems with the series rules, see here.

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Special Rules

Drop Tanks

Can the 50% range increase of fighters be combined in any way with the 25% increase in range on a transfer mission?

19.0 Mine Warfare

19.2 Entering a Minefield


This section raises questions about the referenced section 6.46. From the wording in this paragraph, it seems that task forces that exit the tactical map form a separate task force on the strategic map, but in a new zone (in the direction they left, I'm assuming). The series rules don't mention this as far as I can tell.


By "resolved possible mine hits", do they mean rolls on the Minefield Table to see if the ship is hit, or rolls on the Minefield Damage Table? I would think the latter -- i.e. after 25% of actual mine hits have caused damage, the ships can replot their course as they see that they are going through a minefield. It wouldn't be 25% of the attempts on the Minefield Table because they don't even know they are in a minefield at this point.

Which 25% of ships must resolve their mine hits first? Should you just resolve hits on 25% of each class of ship and then you can replot the course? Can you re-plot movement for ships on bombard/transport missions assuming you follow the same, albiet delayed, course? Is there any movement penalty cost, or can they simply go to a new zone for this turn without penalty?

19.3 Laying Mines

It would seem there should be a weather restriction for the laying of mines, but I don't see one...

19.5 Sweeping Mines

It would seem there should be a weather restriction for sweeping mines, but I don't see one...

20.0 Torpedo Boats

20.6 MTB Attack

The rules are very confusing for surprise. The example shows that one die is rolled for each MTB. Yet the text says "On a result of 5 or 6 the flotilla has surprised the enemy and all MTBs may make a torpedo attack on their target ship." Maybe if any one MTB rolls a 5 or 6 they all get to make a surprise attack?