SOPAC by Avalanche Press

This is my personal web site about the game SOPAC: Naval Action in the South Pacific, 1942-1943 by Avalanche Press. This is part of their Second World War at Sea series, so some of the information will apply to the later games (Eastern Fleet, Midway, Bomb Alley (Mediterranean)).

I don't have much here yet. One thing I have done is I went through the scenario book and made copies of all the pages. I then cut things up and, for each scenario, I now have one two-sided piece of paper for each player. This makes the game more fun as each player doesn't know the other player's force distribution and their reinforcement schedule, etc. When I get around to it, I may ask Avalanche if I can scan these in and post them for others to use (they won't be of much use to somebody unless they owned the game).

I also may begin work on a web-based player assistant for the Second World War at Sea series. Don't get your hopes up, as it may take me a while to do, and I would also probably have to ask Avalanche if I could let others use it.

For now, I have collected all of the rule corrections that I could find here. I also have some of my own suggestions as well as many questions I'm hoping to get answers to. Please send any and all comments to me at

You can find all of the information I have on Avalanche Press games here.