[Logwatch-Devel] ClamAV update logs

Paweł Gołaszewski blues@ds.pg.gda.pl
Fri, 5 Dec 2003 08:48:19 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, [UTF-8] Lars SkjĂŚrlund wrote:
> >> I've created the attached files to analyze update log files for the
> >> Clam Anti-Virus product.
> >I've started using it - I like it very much.
> >I would like to see it in logwatch :)
> Glad you like it ;-).


> You seem to be about the only active person on the list

Well, maybe I'm only person who use it? ;)

> am I supposed to do something now?

Don't ask me - ask Kirk :)

>From my side - according to clam-update:

 --------------------- clam-update Begin ------------------------

ClamAV database:
WARNING: Database has not been checked for updates

**Unmatched Entries**
Clamd successfully notified about the update.: 35 Time(s)
viruses.db2 is up to date.: 180 Time(s)
viruses.db is up to date.: 248 Time(s)

---------------------- clam-update End -------------------------

Databases are checked for sure.

It seems that you prepared this for clamav >0.60. I've got clamav 0.60 and 
there are messages as you see above. Could you take a look for that?

> BTW, I have another analyzer for McAfee uvscan on the way.

Give it here :)
I don't use this soft - I won't check, but I think that other people will 
be happy having it. :)

pozdr.  Paweł Gołaszewski 
worth to see: http://www.againsttcpa.com/
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