[Logwatch-Devel] Patch for logwatch to have HTML report or HTML embedded email

Laurent.Dufour at havasit.com Laurent.Dufour at havasit.com
Fri Aug 6 09:51:00 MST 2004

Hi Guys,

As I have seen a few days ago that you asked for logwatch to bring HTML.
Here is what i have done so far,

I started from logwatch 5.2.2 then :

I patched it with the different patch from Mike (zz-fortune,zz-disk_space,
and the take2 patch)

Pavel asked for an HTML report like the one in Calamaris, so I tried to see
how calamaris handle it.

I took some of the code of calamaris that produces the HTML (It's almost
all the new sub out_something...)

I also looked at epylog and find some cool ideas too.

And then I coded...

Now you have a new option ( --output) with 4 possible parameters (html,
html-embed, mail, and unformatted)
By default it's unformatted, you will then have your usual report via mail
or on the screen with the --print option set

If you set --output to html you will have an HTML report as an attachment
in your mail
If you set --output to html-embed you will have an embedded HTML report
within an email with the mime settings already made , logwtach will send it
using sendmail instead of the regular mailer.

If you set --output to mail you will have an usual text report , but as an
attachment in your mail.

I also needed to change some stuff in zz-fortune and zz-disk_space

I hope you will like it.
(See attached file: patch-for-logwatch-with-html.tar.gz)
Still to do : fix bug (always ;-) , possibility to have skin  for the
report, etc....

I also mentionned a copyritght to calamaris at the bottom of the HTML

Well that's it for now.



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