[Logwatch-Devel] Re: [Logwatch] Logwatch 5.2 Released

Jamie Pratt jamie at nucdc.org
Mon Jun 21 12:51:51 MST 2004

Kirk Bauer wrote:

> It has all patches submitted to date.  Sorry for the slow releases --
> start the patches coming for the next one! :)
> - Added check for large user mailboxes
> - Added pop3 and imapd filters
> - Updated clamav support
> - New cisco log filter
> - Tons of updates to existing filters (too many to list!)

Hi, someone earlier asked a question about qmail logging, which used to 
only look at maillog, as far as I could tell, so never worked with 
daemontools.. it looks like the standard qmail logging using daemontools 
has been incorporated into this latest version, but how to turn it on - 
I get nothing about qmail when running logwatch? do the logfiles need to 
be located in /var/log, because that is sort of not a good thing, 
because qmail-smtpd and qmail-send use similar filenames, so the default 
directories for each are usually: /var/log/qmail-smtpd and 
/var/log/qmail-send ...

Also, I keep getting the error :
*** Error: There is no logfile defined. Do you have a 
/etc/log.d/conf/logfiles/freshclam.log.conf file ?

I think I can probably fix this myself with a little poking around, but 
just thought I'd let you all know..  the box is RH Linux 7.1 (with 
clamav), and I got the same error on a 7.3 box (without clamav)....


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