[Logwatch-Devel] Cvs commit logwatch.pl mailer changes step 1

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Thu Dec 1 09:50:30 MST 2005

I just committed the first round of changes to the mailer code.
Everything should be working EXCEPT the output -html options is
depreciated for now. If you use this it will default over to -html-
embeded for now.

Sp be warned if anyone is pulling from CVS, it should work but I am not
done yet and just wanted to committed at this milestone.


1) there are no longer any case statements for OS's in the mailer code.
It is a one shot call to mailer [sendmail -t by default] with To: From:
Subject: defined in the output stream.

2) logwatch.conf has the sendmail -t configured by default now as well
as as new variable called MailFrom.

Todo: Step 2 and 3

The hardcoded html will be removed from logwatch.pl and placed in a
template file that is read in. This will allow the HTML output to be
end-user configurable.

The Mime encoded option will either be re-installed with calls to
MIME::Base64 [which seems to be a standard perl module] OR a simple note
will be included in the HowTO that will show users how to setup their
cron's with a call to uuencode | MAILER | logwatch -print that should
give you the same old features without having to add any code to
logwatch [This is after all the Unix way.]

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