[Logwatch-Devel] Ideas for 6.1: Normalized Umatched processing

Paweł Gołaszewski blues at ds.pg.gda.pl
Thu Feb 24 15:14:11 MST 2005

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, Kenneth Porter wrote:
> I'd like to suggest moving all Unmatched processing to Logwatch.pm. 
> Currently it's handled in two distinct ways: Either by appending the 
> unmatched strings to an array (which generates tons of lines in the 
> report for some noisy services) or by building a hash of incidence 
> counts keyed by content. The hash loses the original ordering of 
> multi-line stuff, though. Perhaps the hash could remember the order that 
> lines are first seen, and report them in that order.
> I noticed the noisiness of this as a result of debugging my ntp config 
> yesterday, so I've got a lot of unrecognized startup/shutdown strings 
> repeated many times in the report. 

I think that more important thing is to prepare some common 
Now every filter makes own displaying, very raw. It takes a lot of code, 
needs a lot of care and gives various efects.

Good set of functions would be really nice and will allow to prepare new 
filters really easy...

pozdr.  Paweł Gołaszewski 
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