[Logwatch-Devel] mailscanner tweaks

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Jun 1 05:03:51 MST 2005

    John> This doesn't actually break anything AFAICT, but it doesn't seem
    John> to work as intended either. The reason, I think, is that this
    John> script only sees mailscanner log lines, not postfix ones. The
    John> greylisting stuff therefore needs to be moved to the postfix
    John> script - the unknown local addresses and helo rejected are already
    John> logged by that anyway.

Yeah, I noticed that after I sent my patch to Mike.  I'm a complete novice
w.r.t. LogWatch and erroneously thought mailscanner was the thing that
scanned mail logs.  Once I got another 600kbyte email from LogWatch I
realized the error of my ways and dug a little deeper.  The resulting
changes to the postfix script are attached.

(BTW, I still have no real idea how LogWatch decides what scripts to run.
What digging I've done through the man pages and /usr/share/doc hasn't
revealed that.)

Skip Montanaro
skip at pobox.com

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