[Logwatch-Devel] Service Script self-configuration

Who Knows quien-sabe at metaorg.com
Fri Jun 10 17:50:23 MST 2005

Gary Allen Vollink wrote:

> Who Knows wrote:
>> Kirk Bauer wrote:
>>> I would recommend adding a config option that points to the config file
>>> for the service, with a default value.  Then the filter should continue
>>> on with defaults if the specified file can't be located (perhaps give
>>> the user a warning).
>> This seems like a good time for me to raise the issue of local 
>> customizations again. For my systems I currently have at 6 local 
>> customization to the service/conf(s) that I have to make for each 
>> upgrade.
> A pointer to your previous thread in the archive would help (so I can 
> quickly read up on your specific issues).  In general, do you see this 
> idea as a move towards a solution, or a hindrance?  How could this 
> help/hurt your cause, and more importantly, how could the changes you 
> might need be applied to a broader audience of those who may need 
> customization?

Forgive me, but it has been many moons since I first raised the 
question, and I don't have the complete archive at my fingertips. My 
particular specifics change fairly frequently actually as I introduce 
new or upgraded packages into my theator of operations. Two issue come 
immediately to mind. Three actually. Everytime I upgrade to a new 
version I must reset my Detail level, and add a few -this and -that into 
my main config file. There are several service configuration I change 
but the most common one for me is the courier script, which happened to 
be just the way I liked it but over the past several months others 
implemented new versions of imap pop3 etc.

It has long been on my todo list to dig into the code and see what would 
be involved to have logwatch look in a local storage area for local 
copies of specific configurations so that if they existed they could 
sourced subsequent to the released configuration allowing user specified 
overrides to take precedence. But like most people my todo list is far 
longer than I can ever get to until things become really aggravating. 
The old "squeaky" wheel syndrome.


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