[Logwatch-Devel] Re: applydate patch for logwatch-6.0.1

Bjorn L. bl_logwatch at mblmail.net
Tue Mar 22 17:49:27 MST 2005

dufour_l at hotmail.com wrote:
> Hi guys,
> After reading the anqwer from Bjorn regarding the --range option I decided
> to take the bull by the horn and code.
> Well, I choose option 2 as Bjorn, suggested it, and I put some new
> functions into Logwatch.pm to build a regex to search date for different
> services, this is the main function for all the scripts that searches date,

That works.  But for clarification, I was thinking of something a bit
different for option 2.  For example, in scripts/logfiles/cron, instead
of calling
       BuildLastNdays('CRON_US', 30)
it could call

BuildLastNdays would then look up the date range, and pass back the
regexp for the search dates, as it does now.

This way Logwatch.pm does not change based on the service.

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