[Logwatch-Devel] Looking for permanent Logwatch helpers

Kirk Bauer kirk at kaybee.org
Tue Mar 22 18:22:47 MST 2005

It is clear that Logwatch would be much better off with some more direct
help from others.  Many of you have been quite helpful over the years
and without your help Logwatch wouldn't have had any releases probably
for the last two years or so.

Bjorn sort of prompted this and gave me most of these ideas, so I can't
even take credit for that much!  So, here is what I'm thinking about
doing, and I'm open to feedback as well as people who are willing to

First, Bjorn suggested that people take ownership of specific filters.
I think that is a great idea.  In fact, my proposal is to set up an
email address for each filter and hopefully find volunteers to handle
bugs/patches for each one.  I'm hoping some people will take ownership
of several or somebody is willing to handle the unowned filters.  I
could create email addresses, like 'logwatch-sendmail at logwatch.org'.  We
put that address in the filter code and bugs/patches can be sent there.
The email is forwarded directly to the volunteer who would have CVS
access to make changes to the filter.

Next, I'd like to have the same thing set up for platforms.  Create an
email address, like 'logwatch-solaris at logwatch.org' that would be a
volunteer who would deal with problems related to Solaris, and could
test releases, etc.  Again, they would have direct CVS access.

Finally, I'd like one or more core volunteers who can work on the main
code, Logwatch.pm, etc, again with CVS access.

I'd still do the releases since I have a script to do that for me.  And,
I think if I can significantly cut back the amount of patches and bug
reports and user questions that I get then I can hopefully contribute
more on the -devel list related to design decisions, etc.

So, any comments are greatly appreciated.  If you want to volunteer for
one of these three roles, let me know:
   1) Maintain one or more filters
   2) Support one or more OS's
   3) Main Logwatch developer

Kirk Bauer <kirk at kaybee.org>
http://linux.kaybee.org | www.autorpm.org | www.logwatch.org

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