[Logwatch-Devel] sshd patches for SuSe/openssh/nss_ldap/pam_ldap

David Baldwin david.baldwin at anu.edu.au
Wed Sep 14 00:18:45 MST 2005

>>The question here is should we restore .gz to all conf/logfile/*.conf
>>files or should this be left for the end user?
>>David's patch is just for logfile/secure.conf but it can really be done
>>to all files if everyone thinks their are enough OS's that archive like
> Well, logrotate creates files like "foo.number.gz", so I guess at least
> that is a pretty common setting. With "delaycompress" or without
> compression, it is only foo.##, so for the above example secure.*.gz
> and secure.* seem to be common settings that would handle plenty of
> situations.

There are a two main schemes used by logrotate for versioning archives - default 
is numeric (secure.1 secure.2 etc) but there is also:

     Archive old versions of log files adding a daily extension like YYYYMMDD 
instead of simply adding a number.

e.g secure-20050913 secure-20050906 etc

then there's compression, leading to 4 combinations:

.N (uncompressed)
-YYYYMMDD (uncompressed)
.N.gz (compressed)
-YYYYMMDD.gz (date extension, compressed)

Hence would need 'archive' options:

archive secure.*
archive secure-*
archive secure.*.gz
archive secure-*.gz

to be suitably general.

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