[Logwatch-Devel] CORRECTION - LogWatch 7.2

Aaron Weeks aweeks at lssu.edu
Tue Jan 17 20:41:13 MST 2006

I wrote this mail a few minutes ago:

 >I've been using 7.0 and 7.1 on a number of solaris systems with no 
 >trouble.  I tried pre7.2 and 7.2, and it seems like there is some 
 >parameter passed to the default mail program (/bin/mail) which seems 
to >be causing a bit of a problem suddenly.  I'm actually having a hard 
 >time identifying just what program is being passed the bad parameter. 
  >I tried /bin/mail's help, but I did not get the same thing that I am 
 >seeing as I run logwatch.  In any case, this parameter to whatever 
 >program is causing logwatch to not send messages (and it may not be 
 >completely finishing either, but I'm not certain if that's true or >not).

I saw I needed to update my logwatch.conf to the new version, and set 
the mailer appropriately.  This was my misunderstanding.


 >Also, I've noticed in the 7.1 and 7.2 releases, that at some point, 
 >logfiles will get changed to lowercase.  I am trying to write a filter 
 >for oracle, and my oracle alert logs have uppercase letters in the 
 >paths.  Is the shifting to lowercase intentional?  If so, is there a 
 >way around it?

This problem is still an issue.  When the logfile name gets shifted to 
lowercase, it sees my log file as not existing.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, and thanks for your time.

Aaron Weeks
aweeks at lssu.edu

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