[Logwatch-Devel] [Fwd: Bug#298275: logwatch: exim report excessively verbose]

Willi Mann willi at wm1.at
Sat Jan 21 10:08:27 MST 2006

forwarded 298275 logwatch-devel at logwatch.org


Below is a report about some unmatched entries in exim. The full log of 
this bug is available from http://bugs.debian.org/298275

Can anyone take care of this, please? Unfortunately, I don't have any 
system with exim on it, so it's hard for me to write the patches.


-------- Original-Message --------

I'm not getting the thousands of unmatched entries reported in this bug
(though I handle 2/3 mails a day so I wouldn't expect that many), but I get
a few, here are the ones that I got today (hosts and ips blatted):

**Unmatched Entries**
2006-01-19 22:20:27 Connection from [xxx.119.252.7] refused: too many
connections: 5 Time(s)

2006-01-19 22:28:08 SMTP call from www.domain.jp (rep.domain.jp)
[xxx.45.239.250] dropped: too many nonmail commands (last was "RSET"): 1

2006-01-19 22:57:18 SMTP call from www.domain.net [xxx.31.42.77] dropped:
too many nonmail commands (last was "RSET"): 1 Time(s)

2006-01-19 22:59:11 SMTP call from host80-142.discord.domain.net
(domain.com) [xxx.16.80.142] dropped: too many syntax or protocol errors
(last command was "RCPT TO:<nobody%domain.com at mydomain.com>"): 1 Time(s)


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