Bug#298275: [Logwatch-Devel] [Fwd: Bug#298275: logwatch: exim reportexcessively verbose]

Willi Mann willi at wm1.at
Sat Jan 21 13:44:03 MST 2006

> I think we should just use the eximstats program which is part of the 
> exim distro.  Can someone on Debian check and see if that is a normal 
> part of the exim pkg for me?  It's a normal part of the rpm version of 
> exim.

Yes it is:

$ apt-file search eximstats
exim: usr/sbin/eximstats
exim: usr/share/man/man8/eximstats.8.gz
exim4-base: usr/sbin/eximstats
exim4-base: usr/share/man/man8/eximstats.8.gz

However, I'm not sure what previous contributors to the exim script 
would say about replacing their work with the output of a program they 
could just run from the command-line anyway.
logwatch-devel readers: please comment.


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