Bug#298275: [Logwatch-Devel]

Gary Allen Vollink Gary.Vollink at CorVu.com
Mon Jan 23 11:39:59 MST 2006

Willi Mann wrote:

> However, I'm not sure what previous contributors to the exim script
> would say about replacing their work with the output of a program they
> could just run from the command-line anyway.
> logwatch-devel readers: please comment.

Eximstats gives some useful information, but (on my machine) it's output
is much longer than the logwatch script.  I think adding the additional
"non-matched" lines would be the better plan.  I run about 1200 Messages
daily, and my last logwatch run had 8 unmatched lines.

The lines appear to come from tighter controls than my exim
configuration file uses.  These can be collected into %DontAccept, and
counted / acted on accordingly, unless there's a need to track these
some other way.

Finally - because I don't generate these errors either... having a
slightly larger log file base to work/test from would be useful.

-- Obviously, I may not be the best to comment on "keeping" the script,
as I've put some work into the current one.

Thank you,
Gary Allen Vollink

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