Bug#298275: [Logwatch-Devel]

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Mon Jan 23 14:49:02 MST 2006

> Fair enough, that works, too.  Still, that's a long report...
> # zgrep '2006-01-21' /var/log/exim_main_log.2.gz | eximstats | wc -l
>     879
> ( Sample includes 1693 Emails )
> Willi,
> What do you have in mind as far as switching the optional output?  Jeff,
> could you work on the alternate output patch, while I work on the
> classic parsing portion?
> Thanks,
> Gary Allen Vollink

My 2 cents on this thread would be you could make a eximstats wrapper
script as a new service that would call the eximstats as required.
Keeping it separate from the provide exim service we already have. Then
it mearly becomes as configuration choice in the logwatch.conf file 

Service = -exim
Service = eximstats

Those who do not have major problem now can keep using the existing one.
Those who do have problem OR want the detail provided but eximstats BUT
still want the output in the Logwatch report can use the wrapper.

[zz-disk_space and zz-fortune are examples of services that are really
just wrappers to outside programs.]


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