[Logwatch-Devel] logwatch debian patches - since 7.2.1

Willi Mann willi at wm1.at
Thu Jan 26 12:06:13 MST 2006

[ I accidently sent this to logwatch at logwatch.org instead of 
logwatch-devel at logwatch.org ]

Hi Bjorn!

I have two patches in the usual location:


(the z-* ones)

and an issue with logfiles/sonicwall.conf. It contains the lines

LogFile = sonicwall.log
LogFile = messages

Which means that even if sonicwall is not installed, the messages*
Logfiles are unnecessarily duplicated in logwatch's tempdir.

This was reported in bug http://bugs.debian.org/349328. I've overridden
the configuration of sonicwall as in

because Debian doesn't contain sonicwall anyway.


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