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J J Urich jjurich at divms.uiowa.edu
Mon Jan 23 08:44:53 MST 2006


I agree it is local config issue on our end, but seems logwatch is 
implementing the df in a rather lame way (in my humble opinion).  It 
appears to me the zz-disk-space script is truly just trying to gather 
info about local disks (as the |grep '/^dev/' indicates).  With this in 
mind why is it waisting cpu cycles querying NFS mounted devices?  If all 
we're interested in is local devices, then don't even look at NFS.  What 
if the NFS server is down and it is a hard nfs mount point?  The way the 
script is written, wouldn't it hang with the dreaded NFS server not 
responding message?



Mike Tremaine wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-01-11 at 10:55 -0600, J J Urich wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We have a 150 linux clients mounting an NFS server for student home 
>> directories.  We have logwatch scheduled to run at 4am in the morning on 
>> each client.  The /etc/log.d/scripts/services/zz-disk_space , which is 
>> called by logwatch is doing a df -hP |grep '^/dev/' .  This is a problem 
>> as it is thrashing our NFS server with 150 NFS clients all doing a df at 
>> the same time.  If all you are interested in is local file systems as 
>> the |grep dev command is doing, why not do a df -kl |grep dev so that 
>> NFS mounted file systems are not checked?
>> Just a suggestion.  Not sure if this is a logwatch issue or a Redhat issue.
>> Please advise.
> Interesting case. So the NFS server gets overwhelmed but the requests.
> It is not so much a bug as a configuration problem in you type of
> environment. The "-l" flag to df would certainly fix this for you, just
> having that added in like so "df -P -h -l | grep '^/dev/'" would be
> enough. 
> However I don't see that this would be something we'd want to set by
> default. Perhaps I could do something in the config file to set a flag
> for keep local. So in your case you'd have to set the flag once on all
> the clients but it stick even after upgrades after that. [If youa re
> using Logwatch 7.1+]
> [I'm cc'ing the devel list to get some more opinions on this.]
> -Mike

JJ Urich
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