[Logwatch-Devel] Cisco PIX log extension

Giovanni Mellini giovanni.mellini at gmail.com
Thu May 25 06:28:00 MST 2006

Hi all guys...
after many days (months ok) since my last post on the ML about a Cisco PIX
log analyzer I'm ready to send my job to the ML, to test it (I'm already
using the scripts)
I'm rewriting and testing some part of the code, and I have a little
question for you.
The Cisco PIX logs via syslog and the format of the date is the following
   May 24 17:46:56 <log>

This is a problem because Range var is skypped. When I launch syslog in
debug mode I see

TimeFilter: Period is day
TimeFilter: SearchDate is ( 2006-May-25 ..h ..m ..s )
TimeFilter: Debug SearchDate is ( 2006-May-25 h m s )

Logwatch don't search for the rigth date format. Can I force the SearchDate
format locally in my script??

Many tks in advance


Giovanni Mellini
  GoogleTalk: giovanni.mellini at gmail.com
  ICQ# 77188394
  Skype id: g.mellini
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