[Logwatch-Devel] Feedback wanted: reworked filter for amavisd-new

Who Knows quien-sabe at metaorg.com
Thu May 25 07:44:33 MST 2006

logwatch at mikecappella.com wrote:
> Feedback (onlist preferred) welcome and encouraged.  If you have log lines
> that are not captured or processed correctly, please send me a copy of the
> line in some form of archive so that whitespace is not altered, and I'll
> update the script.  Either alter private information, or leave it as is, and
> rest assured your data will remain confidential.
> MrC
The addition of the percentages is an improvement that I like. From a 
personal perspective I am neutral regarding the expanded spam display, 
and the logs I used to test with didn't contain any virus notifications, 
so that feature I haven't seen.


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