[Logwatch-Devel] Fwd: logwatch 7.3.1 and amavs 2.4.2

MrC logwatch at mikecappella.com
Mon Oct 16 11:18:04 MST 2006

> I am relatively familiar with logwatch's amavis scrip, as I 
> recently made some changes to the logwatch script for amavis. 
> So I may be able to change this behaviour.
> But before I go in and make changes, I wonder what the 
> desired output would
> be: 
> - does it make sense to split the results per protocol so you 
> have a "Clean", "Spam blocked", "Spam passed" and so on for 
> protocol LOCAL, and another list for protocol AM.PDP and yet 
> another list for a third protocol.
> - or should the results of all protocols just be merged 
> together in one list.
> - or maybe a way in between, split this up depending on the 
> level of detail requested. For example only the highest 
> detail level splits this information, while the other levels don't
> What do others think of this ?
> Geert

Hi folks,

Just catching up from the weekend away - sorry for the delayed response.

I personally don't care much about which protocol is used as a category
designator.  But this might be useful to some folks, certainly only at the
highest detail level.  Perhaps an Implement-As-Necessary policy is best,
meaning lets make it work correctly, and add further classifications as
desired by others.

Here's a patch to version 1.32 that :

1) accepts more generalized amavis protocol names (LOCAL, AM.PDP, LOCAL
MYNETS, etc)
2) lowercases email addresses (User at example.com and user at example.com treated
as the same)
3) corrects captured IP address in BAD HEADERS case

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