[Logwatch-Devel] BIG corporation looking for logwatch RPM for SuSE, paid support

Tommy Butler tommy at atrixnet.com
Thu Oct 19 14:00:59 MST 2006

OK I work for a 10 billion dollar international business corporation.  They
have decided to use SuSE as the Linux distribution for their enterprise
Linux deployments.  Although my personal love is the Debian OS, the SuSE
decision has already been made, and there are strong business reasons for it
which Debian just doesn't meet.  So I am a SuSE admin at work and a Debian
admin by night!  But I digress.  Let me get to the real issue here...

This company is in need of some software that does what logwatch does well.
However company policy states that we can't use software in production
unless it meets some stringent criteria.  The software must be "stable", it
must pass tests for functionality on several platforms (IBM iSeries [AS/400
64 bit PPC], IBM zSeries [64 bit mainframe], x86, Intel64, AMD64, Sparc), it
must be approved by the company security team, it must have an RPM
(install-able on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server), and it must must MUST have a
support contract.  My company pays for support from big vendors by policy,
and no unsupported software can or ever will be used (without extreeeeemely
rare exception).

Is the logwatch project capable of and willing to provide RPMs and
enterprise support contracts to world-wide company?

Tommy Butler
tommy at atrixnet.com
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