[Logwatch-Devel] install_logwatch.sh updates and help on makewhatis

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Thu Jan 11 11:18:49 MST 2007

I finally started working on the install script again. I added the ability to target 
the MAN Page install like the other parts of the system. I also started fixing the 
makewhatis problems across the platforms. I check a new version in CVS but I'm not 
done yet.

What I need to check is for BSD users. I don't have access to any *BSD right now so 
I'm flying a little blind.

I think in OpenBSD this will work [no -s support]

makewhatis -u $MANDIR/man8

I think in FreeBSD this will work [no -s or -u support]

makewhatis $MANDIR/man8

Anyone know what options NetBSD allows?

I'll probably have to background those calls also since I have no idea how long it 
will take to run those.

Other then the manpage issues anyone have other install problems they want looked at. 
I'm working [slowly] on getting it working under IRIX also but the IRIX version of 
install seems brain-dead :) so it might take some extra logic.


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