[Logwatch-Devel] Announce: New postfix filter available fortesting

MrC lists-logwatch at cappella.us
Tue Jan 23 10:00:31 MST 2007

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> From: Geert Janssens
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> Subject: Re: [Logwatch-Devel] Announce: New postfix filter available 
> for testing
> Hi MrC,
> I have tested your modified postfix logwatch scripts on two 
> different installations of logwatch 7.1 (one running on 
> Mandriva 2006 and the other running on Fedora Core 3).
> Quite impressive ! The logentries are well organised, the 
> increasing levels of detail scale nicely.
> I tested the various levels of detail. They are all well 
> organised. I also ran logwatch on the complete log archives, 
> and it showed no unrecognized log entries. The old script on 
> the other hand used to show some performance statistics this way.
> I haven't played with the various per-section detail settings 
> in postfix.conf, but it seems a very useful feature.
> I have decided to continue to use the new script from now on, 
> as it's so much clearer to read. I'll keep you informed if I 
> encounter any problems.
> Thank you for your work !
> Regards,
> Geert

Thanks Geert,  I'm glad it's working out for you and you like it.  And
thanks for mentioning the version numbers where it does work.  I thought the
filter would work on the entire 7.x should series.

I'm not sure I understood your comment that the old script "used to show
some performance statistics".  Other than the old Top Ten (which was only
top 10 users of the sendmail binary), I don't recall any statistics in the
postfix filter.  I'm curious - do you recall what they were?

I found the following settings to be most useful so far:

$postfix_MsgsSent = 1
$postfix_MsgsDelivered = 1
$postfix_MsgsForwarded = 1
$postfix_Deferred = 2
$postfix_RejectHelo = 2

Thanks again for the feedback!

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