[Logwatch-Devel] More commits for logwatch.pl and others

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Tue Oct 2 10:03:45 MST 2007

Yesterday and today I made several more commits. I have now tested it 
atleast a little and can report that the hostlimit and hostformat 
switches seem to be working fine.

I can do things like --hostlimit sirius, --hostformat split and 
have generate a report that only has those 2 hosts in it. So that is a 
good thing.

I also added a new config option to suppress the hostlimit option for 
logfiles that are not standard syslog

Here is the code chunk

 >    #Hostlimit filter need to add ability to negate this use 
"NoHostFilter = Yes" in logfile like samba -mgt
 >    if ( ($Config{'hostlimit'}) && 
(!$LogFileData{$LogFile}{'nohostfilter'}) ) {
 >       if ($LogFileData{$ThisKey1}{'nohostfilter'}) {
 >          print "   NoHostfilter = " . 
$LogFileData{$ThisKey1}{'nohostfilter'} . "\n";
 >       }

I added it to samba.conf as noted there are obviously other places this 
belongs also.


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