[Logwatch-Devel] Patch- HTML update +misc fixes

Ross Becker ross at trapezenetworks.com
Wed Oct 17 19:13:20 MST 2007

Gotcha- Thanks for the update.  I'm hoping you'll have some commentary
for me on my thoughts about logwatch when you get to the code. I do
understand lack of free time, though.  I want to do all kinds of work on
free software out there, but time is incredibly hard to find.


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Ross Becker wrote:
> Folks,
>    I sent a patch plus some notes on some pretty clear bugs in
> a month ago.  I've seen other traffic on the mailing list since then,
> but there wasn't any response to my post. 
> I'd like to hear *something* back- even if it's that nobody's
> in my changes or thoughts.
> --Ross
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That would be me not getting around to looking at your patch and 
including it. Sorry I seem to be having all my free time sucked away by 
my other responsibilities [mostly my 6 year old ;P ].... It will happen 
and I will post the commit note as I generally do. The hold was mainly 
do to the massive change I had going on in the logwatch.pl script. Your 
patch and the SELinux are now at the top of my list of things to do 
before I'd consider the push for an 8.0 beta.


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