[Logwatch-Devel] 2 bugs

Otheus otheus+opensource at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 08:42:44 MST 2008


My firm is using Logwatch 7.3.5, but I saw nothing in the change file to
indicate this is fixed in .6....

Bug#1: Environment variables and configuration settings are forced to
lower-case. This kills, for instance, the ability to define/override a
logformat for http in the conf file (yes, you can change the script, but
that kills the point of having a conf file).

Bug#2: TimeFilter does not -- but should IMHO -- produce a correct regexp
for timestamps that include the %z parameter. This parameter is the
relative-timezone-offset in terms of +/- hours and looks like this:

   - -0500* (Eastern US)*
   - +0200 *(Middle Europe)*

The regexp currently produced is dependent on one's current timezone, and is
However, there is no guarantee, if one is using geographically-diverse
servers, that the timezone will be a constant. Further, the "+" is an error.
It works fine in the US and in SouthAmerica, of course, because this number
is usually preceded by a "-", which Perl does not treat magically. For the
rest of us, it throws off the entire expression. Therefore the + (or -)
should be escaped with a backslash. So to sum, the expression should look

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