[Logwatch-Devel] release?

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Tue May 13 09:14:22 MST 2008

Greg Matthews wrote:
> Is it worth hanging on for a stable release or should I use CVS again? 
> Its been a while and I've noticed a lot of changes getting checked in 
> recently... whats the plan?

I'd say we are within a month of the 8.0 release. Most of the changes 
are in, there are a few things that I have not done that will probably 
get pushed aside for latter.

At this point we are in sync with Fedora and the CVS version is usuable. 
I have it running under Solairs 10/ RHEL 4.6/ Endian 2.0 without any 
issues. So the more people who grab the CVS and test it now the better. 
You should be able to run the install_logwatch.sh right on top of a rpm 
installed logwatch without issue. The biggest thing at this point is the 
change in command line interface.

Todo before release:

Check the Amavis/Postfix versions to make sure what is in CVS is in sync 
with MrC.

Rename the XNTPD service to NTPD this requires some work directly on the 
CVS repo.

Check with to see if we are in sync with Debian.

Remind Kirk to adjust the spec file so that it does the right thing with 
the logwatch.cron

Check my "fixme" notes in logwatch.pl

Go back one more time through my flagged emails and see if I forgot any 
important patches.


Pending changes for 8.0.x:

Look again at the issue with SELinux and the open pipe to mailer. I 
probably need to append to a temp file and then do the right thing with 
that temp file rather then hold open the pipe during all the filters.

Review what I did to hostformat and splitmail, we know there was some 
logic errors in there before and when I ripped it apart I was not 
specifically focused on getting it to be perfect. Instead I was laying 
down the logic of what it should look like.

Would love to go through the filters [especially the scripts/shared] and 
  optimize as much as we can.


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