[Logwatch-Devel] Is the logwatch project dying?

Stefan stefan at localside.net
Fri Oct 9 15:35:15 MST 2009

On Friday, 9. October 2009 22:59:24 you wrote:
> Stefan wrote:
> > Hello list,
> >
> No apologies needed it's a totally fair question. As far as I know I am
> the only one doing any CVS commits. It has been this way for awhile. I
> wish I had more time and energy to get all the patches in and all that
> but the truth is I don't. Every 6 months or so I'll get fired up and try
> to catch up with the patches, I have them all tagged in my mailbox and
> all that but at the end of the day I'm one guy who has lots of other
> things I have to do.
> How do we fix this? No idea I guess we need new blood. As far as how to
> get involved well the same way I did back in 2004 start patching against
> CVS and make it easy to get your patch in.

All my patches were against the CVS, at least at that time when I send them.

> The biggest slow down I have in committing is that patches are not against
> the CVS tree so I have to> go in and figure out where is goes by hand. Then
> I have to make sure it does not break anything else, remember Logwatch
> basically works across a wide section of Linux, Solaris, and *BSD installs
> [heck I can get it to run under IRIX] so we want to make sure your patch is
> cross platform safe.

OK, I didn't realised that. Does some documentation exist which may give me 
some hints to make the code cross platform save?

May I summarize? You are the only one who accepts patches and you don't have 
the time to do it. That's bad, because there won't be any progress. 

What can be done to change that?
- You don't accept any patches, then you have at least time to work on the 
core components. (I don't thing that this is a solution)
- You can distribute the work load, and let other people take the 
responsibility to maintain (parts of) the code. E.g. assign each service 
script to a group and name a maintainer for each group. Each group maintainer 
then has to take care of the patches which belong to its group.
- ???

I don't want to tell you how you should run your project, but I really would 
like to see the logwatch project going on. And I think that there are people 
who would like to spend some work in the project, but can't do it because 
things are jammed. Therefore we should have a discussion how we can change 
> -Mike


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