[Logwatch-Devel] Is the logwatch project dying?

Mike Tremaine mgt at stellarcore.net
Fri Oct 9 15:48:00 MST 2009

Stefan wrote:
> OK, I didn't realised that. Does some documentation exist which may give me 
> some hints to make the code cross platform save?
> May I summarize? You are the only one who accepts patches and you don't have 
> the time to do it. That's bad, because there won't be any progress. 
> What can be done to change that?
> - You don't accept any patches, then you have at least time to work on the 
> core components. (I don't thing that this is a solution)
> - You can distribute the work load, and let other people take the 
> responsibility to maintain (parts of) the code. E.g. assign each service 
> script to a group and name a maintainer for each group. Each group maintainer 
> then has to take care of the patches which belong to its group.
> - ???
> I don't want to tell you how you should run your project, but I really would 
> like to see the logwatch project going on. And I think that there are people 
> who would like to spend some work in the project, but can't do it because 
> things are jammed. Therefore we should have a discussion how we can change 
> that.

Well it's not my project I'm just someone who started helping out and 
became the last man standing. I have no control over the CVS server or 
the point releases, I just have access to the commit to CVS that's it. 
You can read more here http://www.logwatch.org/ the Author and Owner is 
Kirk Bauer.


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