[Logwatch-Devel] Is the logwatch project dying?

Kirk Bauer kirk at kaybee.org
Tue Oct 13 22:33:48 MST 2009

> As far as new people I'd welcome any and all. The only thing you have to ask
> yourself is are you really interested in doing this and are you OK with the
> license agreement. What we do not need is people who bail out in 6 months
> just to keep the administration off Kirk's back. I totally understand that
> people come and go but I'm hoping that anyone that wants to help is willing
> to put at least a year into it.

I agree -- if you are willing to contribute and help, I can add CVS
write access for you.

> The other point is to be aware of how small patches can break a filter by
> trying to be too greedy. it might work great on your system but Logwatch
> runs on such a diverse amount of system that testing across multiple
> installs is really the best way to be sure.

Absolutely.  Well, normally you want to add new filters at the bottom
of the list unless you have specific reasons otherwise.  And you need
to make sure the regex is as specific as it can be.  In my opinion,
every regex needs to have example log lines that it tries to match in
the comments.

> As long as I brought up 8.0 release all that is really need is to get
> current on the patches from Fedora and Debian and the Devel list once we are
> all in sync it can and should be released because of the Interface changes I
> made. It needs to become the standard so we can end some of the confusion
> over commandline switches. The other HUGE HUGE thing that is need is updated
> Manpages and Docs.

Agree completely.  Now who is going to do it? :)

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