[Logwatch] Log Watch 3.3 problem

Yavor Shahpasov yavo@netsmart.com.cy
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 12:50:48 +0300

I just installed logwatch 3.3 because I needed the qmail support.

However it does not send me the qmail logs when I run it with debug
option it gives me the qmail option with a line saying
DEBUG: Inside OnlyService for qmail
Before it, I know am missing something terribly obvious, how do I change
qmail (or any filter for that matter not to be "inside only"). I've
checked in the logwatch.conf and in the individual config files of the
services but alas.

Any help will be appresiated

Thanks in advance and BTW great tool ;)


PS please reply to me as am not on the list (yet)