[Logwatch] Log Watch 3.3 problem

Yavor Shahpasov yavo@netsmart.com.cy
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 14:11:22 +0300

Two small feature request if you don't mind,

>>There's no todo for qmail yet since I don't know what you need (and it
>>what I need already).

It would be goo if there was a another detail option in qmail 
Which would show just the first N email accounts in the detailed report
The list is a bit long if you run it on a large server.

Another good addon would be to have the entries ordered by the number of
Rather than randomly, I guess this one is easy to do

Yavor Shahpasov

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>where do you log you qmail stuff - there are so many possibilities to 
>log qmail stuff? afaik logwatch doesn't know anything about logging 
>with multilog e.g.

No, it doesn't.

>the only stuff logwatch reports for me are unknown users or something 
>from vpopmail - but nothing from qmail.

The main reason I wrote the qmail script was more for stats so feel free
update it. (I have tweaked it a bit since then but nothing too major).
The vpopmail one should give more info - bad usernames, bad passwords,
such accounts etc etc. There aren't that many other details are there ?

>my logs are under /var/log/qmail/<dir for pop3 smtp send>/current - if 
>the logs are all in /var/log - without any sub dir qmail should catch 
>them - but with multilog this should impossible.

That just gave me an interesting idea - you could analyze how often
check their mail hehehe

>could you tell us how and where do you log? i will take a look into it 
>and try to find out what is todo for qmail.

There's no todo for qmail yet since I don't know what you need (and it
what I need already).

      Chris Smith