[Logwatch] Another Big Brother question

Terry Letsche letsche@INAV.NET
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 15:44:58 -0500 (CDT)


Concerning message 
http://list.kaybee.org/archives/logwatch/2002-April/000011.html, that 
solution works great:

At the end of /etc/log.d/conf/services/sshd, do this command:

*Remove = Big-Brother-Monitor

How do you handle if you have multiple strings to filter out? I've tried 
multiple *Remove lines, it seems to ignore all but the last, putting them 
on the same line seperated by commas doesn't seem to work. For example, I 
want to filter out lines containing the string Big-Brother-Monitor and I 
also want to filter out lines containing another word. As a related aside, 
how do you filter out multiple words at once? I tried putting the words in 
quotes, ie. "filter these out" to filter out log entries with the 
substring "filter these out", but that didn't work.

I'm using logwatch 2.1.1 on Red Hat Linux 7.2.



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