[Logwatch] re: kernel messages gone after upgrade? - solved

Jamie Pratt jamie@nucdc.org
Thu, 16 May 2002 01:13:24 -0400

It looks like kernel messages arent important enough to be logged anymore?
(It was commented out in the new version of the kernel services file, so i
uncommented it out and alls good again!

Dont know about the rest (??) of you, but personally, i like to know if my
system should reboot mysteriously some night etc, or something else weird
goes on there - Do the majority of other people get tons of these messages
that are worthless perhaps?


Hi - I just upgraded a few systems from 2.0.0, and 2.0.1 to 3.0.8 (binary
rpms - redhat) -  Now, I dont get any kernel (ie iptables/netfilter
messages) section in my logwatch emails anymore - I have the "Detail" set
to 5 (like it was originally), and the services to "All" (same again as
before), and i have a kernel file in /etc/log.d/conf/services (Did this
file change sometime to not catch these firewall messages?) 

Anyhow, any ideas how to get those back?