[Logwatch] re: kernel messages gone after upgrade? - solved

Jamie Pratt jamie@nucdc.org
Thu, 23 May 2002 08:34:43 -0400

Strangely enough, iptables messages didn't make it (maybe ipchains would?) with the kernel section commented out  -  Personally, my machines rarely reboot, in which case I would prefer to see *all* the kernel messages in the logwatch mail anyways, just in case something failed etc, so I'm pretty much a happy camper as it is! :-)

Thanks for the reply, and the great prog!


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On 5/23/2002 at 12:23 AM Kirk Bauer wrote:

>>On Thu, 16 May 2002, Jamie Pratt wrote:
>>> It looks like kernel messages arent important enough to be logged
>>> (It was commented out in the new version of the kernel services file,
>>so i
>>> uncommented it out and alls good again!
>>You should get ipchains messages... but I don't include kernel messages
>>b/c there are virtually an infinite variety.  Maybe I should at least
>>look for one particular message that shows the machine was rebooted.
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