[Logwatch] Logwatch 3.1 Released! - Bug?

Jamie Pratt jamie@nucdc.org
Thu, 23 May 2002 08:44:26 -0400

well, when I ran 3.1 for the first time at the command line on my test box I got this:

Can't open: /etc/log.d/scripts/services/automount at /usr/sbin/logwatch line 600.

(The file mentioned is not found in that directory that I could see...)

Any easy fixes for this?  Would like to see the qmail filter in action!  I'm no perl guy, so apologies!


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On 5/23/2002 at 12:54 AM Kirk Bauer wrote:

>>I have just released Logwatch 3.1
>>Major bugs fixed:
>>   - Sometimes the Samba filter would hang
>>   - Cron didn't report anything on most systems
>>New filters (contributed):
>>   - ipop3d
>>   - portsentry
>>   - qmail
>>   - vpopmail
>>iptables support is #1 on my wish list... I just don't have time to
>>write it yet.  I know at least one person has a filter and I can
>>hopefully get that from him.
>>This release doesn't have all known bugs fixed nor all pending patches
>>added.  However, I'm leaving for my honeymoon on Friday morning, so I
>>wanted to get something out now.  You have until Thursday night to
>>report any major bugs with the 3.1 release until I am gone for a week.
>>As usual, the 3.1 release can be found at www.logwatch.org
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