[Logwatch] kernel physical device errors

Chris Palmer chris@nodewarrior.org
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 14:53:37 -0800

Lance Lovette writes:

> Yes, the server is running RedHat 7.2. It makes me wonder what else
> LogWatch won't report. Maybe it's better to turn off LogWatch and have
> the logs mailed to me daily so I can manually scan for problems. The
> notices from LogWatch are empty most of the time anyway.

Logwatch can only report what it is told to report, through the use of
filters. If you want a report on certain kernel messages, you should
write a filter to catch them, or send a very explicit description of
the messages to the logwatch-devel@logwatch.org mailing list.

It's a symptom of the 80% design of Unix (and every other system I've
seen) that a tool like Logwatch can never be a complete solution to the
log problem. The best we can do is react to problems as they arise.

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