[Logwatch] logwatch produces no output

Kirk Bauer kirk@kaybee.org
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 21:31:34 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Bart Whiteley wrote:

> I installed logwatch 4.2.1 on Debian Potato today.  I can't get 
> it to produce any output, through mail or --print.  
> See: 
> root# logwatch --print --detail high --range all
> root#
> To spare you from a 100k email attachment, I've made the output 
> of 
>   logwatch --print --detail high --range all --debug high
> available here: 
> http://www.whiteley.org/~bart/tmp/logwatch_debug_output.txt

Thanks for posting it at the URL -- it was helpful.

Unforutnately, I don't see anything wrong.  The last 50 lines or so are
the important ones.  My only guess is that all the temporary logfiles
are empty for some reason.  Try doing --debug 100 (extra-high debug).
You will see mention of a temp directory, such as /tmp/logwatch.23432
or something like that.  Go in there and see the sizes of the files.
I'm guessing they are all zero bytes in length.  Of course, we will have
to figure out why that is, but at least it is a starting place.

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