[Logwatch] logwatch and locale

henry h.ritzlmayr@gmx.at
02 May 2003 09:12:51 +0200

While playing with a filter script I found out that logwatch called from
a shell doesn't produce the same output as called from cron. 
The reason is a different locale. The system locale is (to a lack of
knowledge for me not checkable) probably en_US. The locale in the shell
is de_AT. 
Since yesterday (1st May) there is a difference in the short versions of
the months in the two languages. en_US: May de_AT: Mai

Is there a way to change the system locale? Configuring 
/etc/sysconfig/i18n doesn't help.
Is this done on purpose to only select one language out of the logs?
Is there an easy way to fix this? The only way I can see is to either
make sure that on any system there is only on locale producing logs
(almost impossible), or to select both locales.
Any other ideas?