[Logwatch] Logwatch license GPL compatible?

Kirk Bauer kirk@kaybee.org
Thu, 15 May 2003 09:28:17 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003 seberino@spawar.navy.mil wrote:

> Is the Logwatch license GPL compatible?  Is there anything I can
> do to motivate you to release it under a GPL compatible license
> or at least dual-license it?  This is important to lots of people
> and would help with the wider adoption of Logwatch.
> >From reading your license it looks like you were shooting
> for a BSD or MIT/X11 type license which is great.

The Logwatch license is exactly the MIT/X11 type license, which gives
you all of the freedom that the GPL does and much more.  There are
really no restrictions on what you can do with it, apart from giving me
credit in derived works:

   Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
   a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the
   "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including
   without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish,
   distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to
   permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to
   the following conditions:
      The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be 
      included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

> You may have modelled after the original BSD type license
> rather than the "modified BSD license" which avoids the
> famous "obnoxious advertising clause"....

Nope, there is no such clause.

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