[Logwatch] Logwatch not obeying logwatch.conf file

leam leam at reuel.net
Mon Dec 13 09:16:33 MST 2004

Logwatch 4.3.2 (02/18/03) with Perl 5.8.0 on Red Hat Linux 3.0.

I've created a logwatch.conf script in /etc/log.d/conf/logwatch.conf 
and linked it back to /etc/log.d/conf.logwatch.conf. If I edit 
the "Services" line to only do one service, it still picks up on other 
services I don't ask for. It *will* pick up if I add one as a test. 

That is, I normally don't have sendmail enabled, but if I uncomment 
that line it gives me the sendmail data. Sadly, it gives me *other* 
services even though sendmail is the *only* one uncommented.





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