[Logwatch] LogWatch, Subversion and WebDAV

Chris Smith chris at interspire.com
Tue Dec 21 16:48:54 MST 2004

Hi Chris,

Basically because logwatch doesn't have a way to know what those records 
are, they come up as 'other'.. the solution is to get into the logwatch 
apache script and add some filters etc for it.

If you're not having any luck - let us know and also post some lines 
directly from the apache logs (not what logwatch reports - we need to 
see the raw log entries) and someone might be able to hack something up 
for you....


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Chris Marrin wrote:
> I have recently started using Subversion via apache. Now this server is 
> giving me lots of "unidentified 'other' records logged" messages for 
> things like CHECKOUT, MKCOL, PROPFIND and GET, all of which are related 
> to clients checking in and checking out files from subversion.
> I was not able to find any recipes or updates to LogWatch to deal with 
> this. And I'm finding it tough to grok how I might get the LogWatch 
> scripts to stop generating these messages, or even the appropriate thing 
> to do to have these messages ignored, but other hack attempts still 
> printed.
> Has anyone encountered this and found a solution? If anyone thinks I 
> should cross-post this to the Subversion mailing list, I will do so and 
> endure the wrath of the cross-posting vampires. But this seems more of a 
> LogWatch issue, because other legitimate uses of WebDAV could cause this 
> same problem.

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