[Logwatch] Re: Book: Automating UNIX and Linux Administration

Beartooth beartooth at adelphia.net
Sat Jul 24 11:13:11 MST 2004

> On Fri, 26 Sep 2003 08:11:11 -0700, Kirk Bauer wrote:
>> This message is a shameless plug for my new book: Automating UNIX and
>> Linux Administration.  (snip)

Very Dumb Question (VDQ) : is this suitable for a subtechnoid who just
wants to turn the four computers in the house (three running FC1, one with
YDL3) into a LAN to use the same router & printers and be able to share
files, bookmarks, etc. with one another? Or is it way over my head for

Beartooth Autodidact, curmudgeonly codger learning linux
Keep in mind that I know precious little of what I'm asking about!

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