[Logwatch] qmail logs?

Chris chris at interspire.com
Sun Nov 7 20:39:28 MST 2004

Hey Alex,

I wrote the original qmail logwatch script, it was written for the
syslog version (/var/log/maillog) rather than the qmail-logs.... I
haven't tried the other script that someone suggested, but that's why
these sort of lines aren't being parsed/picked up properly.


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I'm new at the mailinglist... and I use logwatch since 3 Month - It's 
a very usefull tool and I was found an hacker-try thanks to logwatch.

But I would like to scan my qmail-Messages too - the default config 
of the qmail write the logs with an tai64n-TimeStamp like 
"@4000002342342342..." have anyone of you an script for logwatch to 
handel this files?

THX, Alex - and sorry about my english.

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