[Logwatch] Bug in zz-disk_space?

Hakan Bjork hakan.bjork at bjorknet.com
Wed Dec 7 14:57:38 MST 2005


I am using logwatch on 4 Red Hat servers, 2x 7.1 1x8 and 1xFC3.
When I upgraded to Logwatch 7 I didn't get any disc information on any of the servers.
I looked in the code and I discovered the line:
exit (0) if ($logwatch_hostname ne $hostname);

On all the servers this seemes to be true. I changed it to:
exit (0) if ($logwatch_hostname != $hostname);

Now I got something in the log.

Then I realised that the mail_dir or the home_dir isn't set anywhere, is this true?
I put it in /etc/logwatch/conf/services/zz-disk_space.conf:

$mail_dir = "/var/spool/mail"
$home_dir = "/home"
#New disk report options
#Uncomment this to show the home directory sizes
$show_home_dir_sizes = 1
#Uncomment this to show the mail spool size
$show_mail_dir_sizes = 1
#Uncomment this to show the system directory sizes /opt /usr/ /var/log
$show_disk_usage = 0

Håkan Björk
Borta bra men hemmabio bäst :-)

Meddelandet har kontrollerats mot virus samt skadligt 
innehåll av MailScanner och förmodas vara säkert.

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